How do you judge situations?

Situations have a strong influence on how people behave. Although different people can behave the differently in the same situation, the same person often acts very differently across different situations. For example, think about how you usually act at a fun gathering of friends, versus at a stressful interview - your behavior is likely to look very different in those two situations. In this study we are trying to understand the way in which people think about social situations. What factors make one situation seem similar to or different from another? By answering participating in this study, you will help us reveal the principles the mind uses to navigate the social world.

The task you will engage in consists of making judgments about situations such as "at the beach," "in a job interview," or "during a 2nd date." On each trial of the task, you will be shown three such situations. One situation will be the reference, and other two will be choices. Your goal will be to judge which of the two choices is more similar to the reference. There are no wrong answers - we are simply interested in the principles guiding your decisions. At the end of the study, you will receive personalized feedback about the degree to which you draw on eight different psychological dimensions to make your choices. You will also learn how much other participants - on average - tend to rely on the same psychological dimensions. If you wish to participate in this study on situation judgment, please click the 'begin' button below.