Planfulness Scale

Whether or not people achieve their goals depends on many factors. Some of these factors depend on one's circumstances, but other factors depend on one's personality. One such personality-related factor is a person's tendency to engage in fruitful planning. The Planfulness Scale was developed to measure stable individual differences in how people plan to achieve their goals. By participating in this survey, you will learn how effectively you engage in goal-directed planning, in comparison to other participants.

The task you will engage in to help us learn more about planning is a simple survey. You will see 30 statements, one at a time, and rate them with respect to how well they apply to yourself on the 1-5 scale shown above (left). At the end of the study, you will be presented with histograms like the one above (right) that reflect the distribution of other participants' responses. Your scores relative to others will be shown via a vertical line, as shown above. In addition to your overall score on the Planfulness Scale, you will also receive feedback about several specific subcategories of planning-related cognition. If you wish to participate in the Planning Scale survey, please click the 'begin' button below.