Social Support Survey

People rely on other people for a wide variety of social support. Our friends and family provide us with information about the world, comfort us when we're feeling down, celebrate good fortune with us, take care of us when we're sick, and more. However, people differ considerably in the amount and type of support they can draw upon. We want to learn more about how social support is linked to other social abilities and traits.

The task you will engage in to help us learn more about social support is a simple survey. You will see 19 statements, one at a time, and rate them with respect to how well they apply to yourself on the 1-5 scale shown above (left). At the end of the study, you will be presented with histograms that reflect the distribution of other participants' responses. Your scores relative to others will be shown via a vertical line, as shown above (right). In addition to your overall score, you will also receive feedback about several specific subcategories of social support. If you wish to participate in the social support survey, please click the 'begin' button below.